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Panamericana Television en VIVO | Panamericana Television Tv Peru

panamericana-television-logoPanamericana Televisión, Panamericana Television or Pantel is a Peruvian television network founded in 1959 when television first arrived in Peru. It initially broadcast on Channel 13, but later moved (in 1965) to Channel 5 in metropolitan Lima. This network was followed by a second private television network soon after named América Televisión. This second network continues to broadcast on its original frequency, Channel 4. In 1958, Peru had first aired Channel 7 which became the State’s run television station and the first Peruvian station to broadcast. Broadcasts were in black and white until 1978. Panamericana and América entered the competitive market against each other until the arrival of additional networks in the late 1970s. During the early 1980s, television in Peru was expanded as more television stations and new networks were created; with the advent of cable and satellite Peru today enjoys over 140 channels to choose from including international programming from other countries around the world and foreign-language channels.

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