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Watch Onamalu 2012 Telugu Movie Online | Onamalu 2012 Telugu Movie Watch Online

Cast: Rajendra Prasad, Kalyani
Music: Koti
Cinematography: Hari Anumolu
Editing: Gautham Raju
Director: Kranthi Madhav.
Producer: Kranthi Madhav, K. Durga Devi
Writer:Thammudu Sathyam.

Our thoughts are so populated that we do not want to take a while off to think in isolation, indicate and concern ourselves. Why do we always run behind movies that churns out the same junk every Saturday and why have got used to so much mediocrity that we do not want to even appreciate the innovative passion of a director? We want support, we do not want any concerns, we hate anyone who rewrites sentence structure and take satisfaction in increased objectives that fit into a set system. We want the same movie script starting with the release music of the idol and finishing with the battles distributed with spoofs of well-known characters. Need, provide is the response.

While the phrase ‘commercial cinema’ is purchase of the day, any poster that has an artiste, clothed as a mature in dhoti and kurta, bespectacled is limited to keep younger generation away but..give it a believed why Rajendra Prasad and why not someone? Rajendra Prasad must have been an apparent option after Aa Naluguru and Mee Sreyobhilashi in Onamalu that moves around a town. Narayana Rao expert recollects all the lovely reminiscences of his town while visiting from manchester international terminal in a car to his position.

The whole first 50 percent of the movie is proven while he converses with the cab car owner, alights at a eating position for lunchtime and as he gets to the town he gets to the period factor too. In this trip and after hitting the town he gets to satisfy his learners at frequent areas and they all have become something or nothing.

The first landscape reveals Rajendra Prasad in New You are able to, a wonderful house and a journey in contact with down in Indian, the property knockoffs all that but gets down to serious company soon. The durability of the movie is the conversation author and the cinematographer. The objective of the property is very obvious, he reveals the perfect town in Indian where air is genuine and individuals don’t think twice in providing individuals. The viewpoint behind the believed is easy, just keep providing and God will create sure you are never brief of meals.

Religious amity, value for interaction are all something we have seen before but such moments appear very useful, we obtain a kind of satisfaction while detecting all this has gone incorrect. convenience and positivity are benefits of the town and the expert places everything behind when it comes to teaching the learners. In a landscape the expert usually spends period at the front side of the reflection self care himself and his spouse demands why and he has a effective response that plesantly excitement you. We know all this but haven’t we overlooked it?

Ditto with the town. As we reside in loaded homes, no area for a spot of natural and no here we are at interacting, we usually see this movies with a clean viewpoint. A little discuss on Onamalu is destroying your mom. For Rajendra Prasad it is a dessert move, he has done far more psychological and better perform before but here he responds and talks with wit (on one event he describes the significance of adda gadida, it is horizontally donkey) subtelty and sometimes declaration and yes, the saying is necessary; He is a instructor.

Kalyani does a very excellent job and they create a excellent couple. Musical elegance contributes to the plants and also describes the pathos and suffering the expert goes through. Director Kranti Madhav’s narration projects truthfulness, loyalty and feeling of objective. He hasn’t remaining any class unchanged, those unaware can understand a few and the discovered ones can go through them once again. Raghu Babu is lovely as Erramanzil and reliable activities from Chalapati Rao and Siva Parvati. Be a part of Narayana Rao expert in the bath of reminiscences.

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