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Bollywood Poonam Pandey 2nd Live Bathroom Show – Ponam Pandey known to some people or not, but by giving a statement she became a famous one. The statement is that Ponam Pandey shows a live show without dress it happens if India wins in word cup.But Ponam Pandey didn’t do what she has said in the statement. After some days later she has given three fourth sexy stills in twitter website.

Few days before has given a 1st live bathroom show by showing each part of her body. This news has made Ponam Pandey a popular among the fans. This news has reached all over the world. Now she had done a 2nd Live Bathroom Show which makes Ponam Pandey more famous. Again she does the 3rd Bathroom Show and more.Some people become famous due to hardwork for several years but Poonam Pandey became famous within a week.

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